Guys this is a really exciting time for me. I’m introducing to the world the First Ever Ramalhoni Shoes and I decided to call them:
The Havelocks.
They will all have names! Meaning there are more models in the works! Yes this is completely addictive…
As for the details on the Havelocks, they are Brogues or Wingtips (in the US), beautifully handmade, with the utmost attention to details.
They’re made out of Burgundy Calf Skin with GoodYear Welt, steel insert for extra durability, leather sole, and suede insole and heel for extra protection and comfort. They are Medium width and can come pretty much in all sizes, since in the beginning they will be made to order.
I chose this color but they can be made in others, Black, Blue, Brown, Suede, you name it!
The time of production is approximately 15 days. When you want a premium product you have to wait, and to tell you the truth it is kinda nice having to! The anticipation works for me … lol…
So, enjoy… and if you have any questions please fell free to drop me a line at

PRICE: 300€ plus shipping

The Havelocks – Special Edition – caramel grane leather .

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