Ladies and Gentleman, I’m more that ecstatic to introduce to you the new addition to the Ramalhoni Shoes family. Please welcome – THE LARABEES -
I’ve been meaning to enlarge the Ramalhoni Shoe line for quite some time. After some study and research  I decided to do a pair of Tassel Loafers. In line with the classic with a twist being in fashion, the come back of the Tassel Loafer was only a mater of time.
The perfect proportions of this model make it one of the most stylish and elegant shoe models to date. I decided to give them my little twist and make The Larabess trully authentic and in tune with my other shoe productions, The Havelocks.
To give them the twist, I chose a gorgeous dark caramel calf skin leather with a magnificent texture and as for the sole I decided to keep it in the original leather color and just give it a nice coat of varnish to make it more durable.
Like The Havelocks, The Larabees are Goodyear Welted, with a steel insert, full leather upper, sole and insole, with suede inside heel for extra comfort when you want to go sockless, just perfect for all seasons.
They are made to order, so… if you want a pair or any other information just email me at and I’ll be more than glad to answer all your questions.

Price: 250€ (shipping excluded)

ps: the pics are a size 8uk, 9us, medium width.
ps2: for an extra 25€ I can have them monogramed to your specific requirements.


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