Here they are, the 4th addition to the ramalhoni | SHOES family – THE TANAKAS – I guess that this model is what makes it officially a collection! I’m so so proud of them…
The Tanakas, are my very own interpretation of the classic Brogue with a rubber sole. To achieve this I wanted to create a kind of dichotomy incorporating in the shoe the most classical and elegant brogue design in the upper, and use for the sole the most radical piece I could find.
The upper is a classic wingtip oxford, sleek, slender and stylish, in a gorgeous Brown Caft . I wanted to move away from those bulky shapes in the toe and heel of the shoe and give it the most chic shape possible.
As for the sole, if someone wants a cool durable and comfortable sole, there is only a brand that you can look for, and it is Vibram. I chose this morflex in white, and you won’t believe the comfort it has brought to this shoe. I can assure you it’s in the golf shoe kind of comfort ballpark, amazing! Although the sole looks quite high in reality it a visual effect it’s 3cm (1,18 in) high.
The construction of the shoe is in tune with all the other members of the ramalhoni | SHOES family. Full leather uppers, in this case only the insole in leather, the sole is Vibram Morflex, suede heel, the works…
I’ve had this sample of The Tanakas since last week when I showed you guys The Sussmans, I’ve been real anxious to show them to you. I hope you love them like I do!
As for the ordering and sizing, it works for The Tanakas as it works for all other ramalhoni | SHOES. They are true to size, so if are positive about your size you send me your info, if you’re not, I’ll send you a sizing guide and a pair will be made to your specific measurements. After this, a PayPall email will be sent to you, and I’ll order the factory to start production your very own pair. 15 days later they arrive in my office and I’ll post them to you. It takes usually 5 working days (sometimes less) to arrive at your home or office.
For more info about sizing and shipping you can drop me a line at or

Price: 225 € ( shipping excluded)

shipping is 15€ to Europe and 30€ rest of the world

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