Last Saturday afternoon we went to Braga, a gorgeous city a little bit north of Oporto. It is a pretty old place and has been inhabited since the Celts witch makes it more than 2000 years old!… Damn that’s old!
For my particular interests it has a very nice “downtown”, beautiful streets, gardens, squares and churches. There’s a church in almost every square, it’s really something.
Braga has a kind of Madrid feel to it, lot’s of stylish people, coffee shops and lot’s of stores, some of them the nicest in Portugal!
I took this opportunity to wear my new bespoke shawl collar blazer. What do you think? Nice isn’t it?
25% Cashmere, 75% wool, Unstructured, lined in oxford, patch pockets, open cuffs, nacre (or mother pearl) buttons, the works!
Am I going into the apparel business? well…. maybe … if you guys want a Blazer like this one I can make it happen!
Have a safe weekend, and have fun…
If you wanna know more about this blazer go to the “ask rama” on the top left side of this blog, and don’t forget to check out my shoe line  - ramalhoni|Shoes -

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