As you can see I’m wearing the hell out of The Tanakas. They are just so comfortable I can’t stop. Of course that I never wear them two days in a row, these or any other shoes, and that I always put the shoe trees in after I take them of … The usual keep your shoes looking good for a long time routine.
This last saturday was a real cool event here in Oporto where the Art Galleries, that are pretty much all in the same street, called Miguel Bombarda, have a simultaneous opening party. The turnout was, as is usually, huge. If you’re ever in Oporto at the first saturday every two months, you have to come to this event. You can see some art, from the best galleries in Portugal, have fun in the street, there is always something happening, do a little shopping at some of the great shop that are also located at this street, have a drink, grab a bite, whatever your little heart desires!… lol….
Enjoy the pics, and have a beautiful week. Here at ramalhoni|World it’s gonna be a busy one!…

I was wearing: HM dotted scarf, Vintage military Jacket, Yellow Rubby and Blue oxford shirt by RL, HM slim fit jeans, RL striped socks and The Tanakas.

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