Ramalhoni Street Style – Sintra

Sintra is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. It has a cinematic feel to it. A small city on a hill side, almost always fogy, with big old houses and toped by a Castle and Wall. Just gorgeous.
I’m not the only one who though that Sintra would look cool on film. Academy award winner Roman Polanski also thought it would! ehehehe… His film - The Ninth Gate - of witch I’m a huge fan is set among other places in Sintra.
Me and Marta where just walking around and trying to find the house from the movie, I got some amazing shots in between.
I was wearing a Paul Smith shirt that as lots of cool little details.
Enjoy the pics…
ps: check out the last 4 pics, they’re stills from the movie…


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  1. In the Ninth Gate the scenes of the drive to all of the homes were just enthralling and once Johnny Depp stepped through the doorways…intrigue! What a delightful excursion you're on and salmon is your color

  2. @Tilda… if you're ever in Portugal, Sintra is a must see city… thanx for the comment!… keep checking back. Next week I'm gonna post a little report about one of the cutest stores in Lisbon.