Guys this was last Saturday’s Wedding outfit. It was my bff’s younger brother wedding, and it was a blast! It had everything. Great music, friends, drinks, the works… and then some, from a professional dancer who was the bride’s brother to a professional photo studio set up in the venue. It was loads of fun, I can’t wait to see how the pro pics came out.
In the meanwhile you can seen the my not so pro pics. Since I’m the guy who is always carrying the camera, I have lots of pics of the hole party and very few of me!
I was wearing a Bespoke navy Suit, my Ramalhoni Shoes – The Larabees (they preformed beautifully, real comfortable and also great for dancing, :)), Drake’s Tie, Hacket Pocket Square, and … this is the news a Ramalhoni Shirt!… More News on this soon, this was the first sample, and it rocked (Light Blue extra fine and light weight oxford with poplin white cuffs and collar). What do you think? Looking good no?!
ps: I’m not a big hair style kind of guy, but I got some wax and decided to give the ever so famous throwback hair style a go. I was a hit!…

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