What to wear to a wedding ?

You should always wear a dark suit, blue or gray, never black… the tie should be sober, striped or doted, never with strong colors, always on the softer side … The shirt you don’t even have to think about it, it’s white !!! Forget the solid blue or the stripes. And the shoes, Monks or double Monks. If you want to flair it up a bit, a pocket square is the best way. Here you can innovate a little bit like mixing patterns. As you can see it came out quite alright ! ehehe … Don’t forget to Hype my look at the lookbook button!!
Blue, Double Breasted Suit by Purificacion Garcia
White, Tailored Handmade Shirt by Arco
Striped Blue and Gold Tie, by Cerruti
Dotted White and Blue Pocket Square by Vicri
Black Monk Shoes, by Mariano

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