Mixing & Match is a somewhat difficult art. But nevertheless an achievable one, like everything else you just have to try try try!
Being a Science Major, trying is my thing, an ever since I got the hang of it I can’t stop.
M&M (not the sweets) gives you the opportunity to be your own brand of original. You can go to H&M and get the best selling shirt pants and sweater and give it your own twist. I’m addicted to it.
These two examples are very simple but go together quite well. A Navy suit, a White and Blue striped Shirt, a Green and Magenta striped Tie and a Yellow and Purple polka dot Pocket Square. Overwhelming I know, but perfect match!…
The second one, just a regular day at the beach … Brown, Green and Orange Swim shorts, my amazing Paul Smith beach towel and a white and red shirt in little squares. This combinations is a little bit more complicated because of the flowers in the shorts, but it came out beautiful as well.
I’m gonna let you in a little secret! There is no secret … lol… you just have to train your eyes, when the combinations start to come out beautiful you will notice it, and from then on just don’t be afraid experiment. I’m sure you’re going to get the hang of it.
Enjoy the weekend, be safe, and party your ass off ;)))) I know I will …
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