This is my second installment of the Xmas Gift Guide, and it will be complied of two classes of items that Men Always love: Electronics, and Shirts! You can’t go wrong with either of them. There is always an upgrade to someking of electronic we own, and there is always a little space in our closet for a new crisp shirt!
So… let’s start….

Pretty much everything from APPLE. The new iphone 4s, an ipad, or a new MacbookPro will always have a place in a Guys heart!

A new Camera is also always a good thing to add to the collection. My recommendations are The Leica M9 if you are particularly wealthy. Or the Fujifilm x100 if you’re working with a smaller budget.

And now shirts! And lot’s of them please….
Gitman Vintage (obviously)

Gant Rugger Cotton Twill

Brooks Brothers Gingham Cotton 

Oliver Spencer Striped Eton Collar

And… Last but not the least (I could be at this all day)
Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Button Down Collar Dress Shirt

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little selection, I hope it was helpful and is easing the though job of finding the right present for the right person!

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