Ever since I started to get more involved with the production of my Shoe Brand, I’ve gotten more and more interested on how things are produced, all the steps, from raw material selection to the machinery involved to all the tool that are needed to complete each task of the product manufacture. You can follow this very cool blog – fuckyeahmadeinusa – by Michael Williams from A Continuos Lean, it has lots of little movies if you’re into this kind of thing.
So, when I found this video from Randolph Engineering it was a real treat. Making glasses is not an easy task and these guys do it beautifully. I have Ray Ban’s aviators in every material and color, and I’m guessing that come spring I’ll be in the market for a pair of these RE Aviators with the bayonet temple. And to make things even better they are not that expensive at all! You can get them here.
Enjoy the little video…

I could easily get one of these 4 .. Or maybe all of them! There goes the budget once more… Damn!….

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