I really wish I had a barber that I knew on a first name basis, and preferably one like Room 104 Barber in Auckland, New Zealand. I have to say that NZ is a little bit out of the way, but they sure do nice cuts.

My Grandfather used to say: You should always know on a first name basis your Taylor (check), our Barber (still missing) and your Pharmacist (check).

The Barbers we have here in Oporto are still in the last century mode, bad last century that is!  Some of them have amazing places, but they are not well maintained, they use shitty products and don’t make feel at all like coming back. If there were something like Room 104 I’de be there at least once a week to shave. Yes I’m one of those guys that only shaves once every 7days. Thank God I’m self employed. And once a month to cut my hair.

So enjoy the little movie and if you know any nice Barber, please let me know!!!!

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