This post from one of my fellow men style bloggers All Plaid Out was an inspiration for starting my won shoe restoration project. When you think about buying a pair of shoes there are always two options: the nice looking shoe for 100-200€; and the even better looking shoe for 400-500€.

In my opinion, if you can! Go for the more expensive ones! I know that it is very difficult to shell out that kind of money for a pair of shoes, but in the end they’re worth every penny. You can see from the pics above that a luxury pair of shoes can be brought back to life, sometimes more that once, and you can rest assured that the investment will pay of (just by dividing what you payed for them by the number of years you’ll wear them).

Thinking of this I went through my shoe stacks and found some very very old Timberland boots that I hadn’t wore in more that 10 years and decided to give them a second chance in life. They are currently at my Cobbler, Sr. Carlos (someday I’ll have to do post about him) and will be ready very soon. Yesterday I went to a Timberland store to get some new shoe laces to complete the project.
So the moral of the story is: save up! buy the best pair of shoes you can get, like Alden, Allen Edmonds, Church’s, etc, and enjoy them for a lot more time that you would think. With just a little TLC a good pair of shoes can last for 10, 15 years !!!!!
Have a nice weekend every one … and cuddle up !!!!! it’s cold outside !…….
ps: this is one of the before pics of my Timberland boots …

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