Shoe Restoration Project (part2)

Remember the my old Timberland Boots? This is the end result of my restoration project. The thing is, when a pair of shoes is of good quality you can always revive it. What I did was take them to my local cobbler – Sr. Carlos (22 6179976), if you’re in Oporto – and had him resole and polish them. The end result was even better than the original because he rimed the sole with a leather lining and hand stitch them together. To finish the project I bought a pair of original Timberland shoe laces (not the original color, it was out of stock) but a pretty good substitute. The price of this overhaul 25€ for the sole and 6€ for the laces. A pretty good deal to make a pair of 200€ timberland boot look almost new.

If you’re in Oporto don’t forget to go to the Xmas Flea Market this saturday the 18th at Hard Club – Mercado Ferreira Borges. My girlfriend Marta and her Friend Marta will have there a stand and will sell there most prized possessions for low low prices!!! So if you still have some Xmas gifts to buy, or just want to pamper yourself, that’s the place to go. Both the Martas will do you a make over!…. I’ll be there too for some emotional support … See you there …

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