I needed a Blazer “tout terrain” for everyday wear with no hassle and preoccupation, so when I was in London I got this UNIQLO 100% wool navy jacket. It’s really good quality fabric with a great feel and very very warn. But I couldn’t but feel that it was just a jacket an not a Blazer, something was missing! I got to work to style it up with some beautiful and simple brass buttons and this was the result. Since I was going to the tailors I decided to take a little bit of the cuffs and turn them from a 4 button to a 3, it’s a little bit more classic.
It looks good doesn’t it? Easy, inexpensive and stylish … the way I like it….
Have a great weekend everyone!!!
ps: this saturday by 3pm I´ll be on a photoshot at Oporto’s Parque da Cidade (side enterance) for the YOOBI restaurant brand if you wanna pop up… do … the more the merrier … it’s gonna be really fun!!!!


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