This was the first time that my pair of Tanakas could go out! I’ve been meaning to wear them for some time now, but I couldn’t! Between shooting the shoes, showing them to people, doing some meet and greets with people interested in the ramalhoni brand, I was unable to wear them. People probably think that a person who produces shoes is always wearing a new pair, but that’s not true, most of the times! We can be in a room that’s wall to wall shoes, but you rarely get the chance to wear them.
This ended last saturday. Marta and I went to spend the day out of the city and I finally got the chance to take them for a spin.
The Tanakas are comfortable, light, warm and may I say this they look damn gorgeous. Kudos to the designer! lol … They are a head turner…
If you liked them you can find more info and buy a pair on the ramalhoni|Shoes website. If you have any questions drop me a line at or
Cheers, and keep your feet happy in ramalhoni|Shoes … ;)









I was wearing: ramalhoni|Shoes – The Tanakas, H&M jeans and socks, RL oxford shirt, Topman cardigan and UNIQLO navy blazer.

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