Taylor Stitch is one of those companies that we should take a look at and follow, for the simple reason that, in my opinion, they are doing what will be the future of the upscale clothing business. Relatively small productions, antique building techniques with new fits and sustainable (near to the customer) production. 4 simple thing to follow that can make or break a company.
At TS they do in beautifully. Of the rack shirts and custom made if you what them. The custom made is my kind of shirt, but it is also where a shirt can go wrong, the only thing you can do, is do an great sizing guide, and these Guys did it ti a T. Simple and very thorough, this is the way to get the perfect measurement.
With my shoes I struggled a little bit before I did the perfect sizing guide, but once it’s done, there’s no going wrong!
So… take a look at the pics and enjoy this little movie. Be sure to check there website, blog and tumblr. Once more, like in The Armory Store a perfect media experience of the brand.
Great work Guys, I’ll be ordering a shirt for me pretty soon.
ps: even the buttons are sustainable, there made out of a nut that grows in the amazon, how cool is that!

Untitled from Taylor Stitch on Vimeo.

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