I was born in 77, so I didn’t get much of the 70′s, but I got a lot of the 80′s. I’m a tennis fan and I loved to watch matches with my grandfather. At that time I didn’t pay much attention to what the players were wearing, but right now, and in the midst of all this heritage brands re emerging I can see that they the players had a lot going on.

Some of these brands never left. Like Adidas, others disappeared for some time and are making a comeback that I think will bring some old school flair to the somewhat boring sportswear industry.

I’m talking about Ellesse, my favorite brand when I was growing up. You can read a little something I wrote some time ago about it here, Fila, that got a try at a comeback in the 90′s but didn’t stick, and Sergio Tacchini, a brand that I think will be the next big thing in the heritage brand aficionados closet.

What do you think? Did these guys have any sense of style? Minus the haircuts obviously! lol …

Stan Smith in Adidas

Ivan Lendl also in Adidas

Guillermo Vilas in Ellesse. I had a pair of shorts just like these.

Jimmy Connors and Arthur Ashe in Sergio Tacchini.

Bjorn Borg in Fila and John McEnroe in Sergio Tacchini.

McEnroe in Sergio Tacchini.

Bjorn Borg in Fila.

McEnroe in Sergio Tacchini.

Bjorn Borg in Fila.

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