This is the store that is in every Men’s Style Blogger mind! If you’re in Hong Kong, and have an interest in men’s fashion this is the place to go. I really can say how I got acquainted with it,  but now that I am, I can get enough of just looking at the pics.
The store itself looks beautiful and the pieces on sale are exquisite. Suits, shoes, shirts, you name it, they have it. What attracted me more to it was the looks that they put together. A well dressed gentleman doesn’t have to wear a grey or navy suit all the time, with some kind of solid white or blue shirt and an uninteresting tie. There’s a world of options out there that can be combined to perfection like these Guys from The Armory do!
For the complete experience you can visit the store’s website here, there Blog, and even there Tumblr. Now this is what I call a job well done. Enjoy the pics and have a fun weekend!
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