It’s so nice to get something in the mail you’re not expecting. Yesterday I got The Mr. Porter Post, a small journal from the uber famous men’s online retail giant that only turned one this year.

Apart from having impeccable taste (the only thing missing are the Ramalhoni Shoes, lol… but I’m working on that), they realized, and in good time too, that a retailer is obliged to produce content. They can no longer just buy and sell goods. They have to include the customer in their vision, making them a part of the brand and more importantly they way of life that they portray. I won’t just buy the Brooks Brother shirt I’ve been obsessing about, I’ll wear it according to Mr. Porter’s style tips, and also maybe go out and ask for a cocktail that I read about at their journal. This is no small thing, they are creating a movement around the brand and the identity that is undoubtedly theirs.

Another great example of content creation is our very own Por Vocação right here in Oporto. You may have heard of it, and the proof of the success of the store and their work is the amount of times the posts that they do are reblogged, it’s very difficult to go to Hypebeast or Selectism and not bump into a Por Vocação created piece of info.

So this is a heads up to every retailer out there, me included, don’t only try to sell, get off your asses and create content, include your ideas and your products in well written, photographed and compiled pieces on information, after all that’s what moves the world – info.

ps: go to Mr. Porter’s site register and try to get your copy of The Mr.Porter Post

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