The Perfect Tie Knots

My Good Good Friend Mike Morales, required my assistance! He doesn’t know how to tie a good Tie Knot, so instead of just teaching him I decided to share it with all you guys and girls (yes girls! don’t be afraid to every once in a wile through in a tie on your get ups!). Basically you can go for either one of these. The only one I wear is the Four in Hand, it’s the first one that my Dad taught me, and it’s the one he and I still wear. All the other ones are alright, you can, for instance, do a Windsor if your tie isn’t to thick to get it to look a little fit more bulkier. The thing is you have to try try try, until you find the one that suits you and your ties the best.

So, let’s start .. the pics are from the quintessential brand’s website – Brooks Brothers – just click on the link below the pics to follow the step for each tie knot…

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