This a new segment on my blog about things that I really really really want !!!!!…. These Karen Walker sunglassesare one of them!!!

I´ve been meaning to buy a pair of more rounded sunglasses, but it’s really difficult to find them. These are absolutely perfect. The shape is just what I wanted, the color is also very nice … and…. you guessed right, they don’t sell them in Portugal!!! I can only find them online (from outside the EU) and I don’t want to pay 31% more in taxes … so until next time … or someone that works in fashion reads some blogs and starts buying a little bit more interesting things !!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love aviators and wayfarers but enough is enough ….
Have a nice weekend everyone .. And a nice Halloween …. btw if you like scary movies go se Paranormal Act 2 it rocks!!!!!….

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