This week’s – Something for the Girls – New Years Even Dresses

Trancoso – Asos

Portofino – Asos

St. Moritz – Asos

Stockholm – Asos

Miami – Aqua

New York – Aqua

Rome – Reiss

Buenos Aires – Whistles Noah

Los Angeles – French Connection

Party at Home – Asos

To all my female readers out there who will almost surely won’t have anything to wear on New Years Eve, these are some budget dresses all available on ASOS, and all under 150€!… So… if you wanna look nice take my advice, and get one of these! :)

I devised a little scheme to differentiate them: first the place you should, or could wear them, and then the brand so that you can more easily find it on the website.
I hope you liked them, and got some ideas on what to wear tomorrow night…

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  1. O meu é muito mais giro do que qualquer um desses e apesar de ser para uma party at home podia ser para qualquer um desses destinos. A ver se é desta que dignas a comentar o meu singelo blog quando postar as fotos. :P Bom Ano Rama!