Tommy Hilfiger Icon Collection

I like that Tommy Hilfiger isn’t sleeping on the Job! It happens a lot … He sells some of the pieces that are in fashion right now – the oxford shirts and the plaid blazers, a.s.o… , and decided to give his audience a little bit more.

This very small Icon Collection is a job very well done. Items inspired on some great actors and performers, that populate constantly our imagination (at least mine!lol). Every time I put on my Pea Coat and my Persol Sunglasses, I’m immediately reminded of the the people that made them ICONIC… James Dean and Steve McQueen…
ps: I’m missing a pair of those Iggy Pop selvage denim !!… I have to get me one of those….
You can click on the post’s Title to go to the Tommy online store and get them right now! they even ship to Portugal…
So.. have fun! don’t take life to seriously .. and a very nice Weekend to you all ….

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