The Très Bien Shop Sales are up and running wild !!!!  If you have some time check them out, it might take a while because they have so many wonderful things.

To help you with that, I did a little curation of mine and selected 10 items that I think are a must have, there is still a lot of summer ahead, so go quick and try to find your size.

The sales are from 30 to 50% off, and just because I pamper my readers so so much I’ll give a code for an extra 15% discount. Yes you read right, you can get up to 75% off…. What are you waiting for …. click click click

Code: TKNW51R7

There is no particular order on my pics, I’d buy them all a heartbeat…

Sperry for Band of Outsiders 

Yuketen Penny loafers

Acne denin shirt for my friend EGO

Church’s two toned Oxford Brogues

Jil Sander unlined coton blazer

Barena navy jacket

A.P.C. petit standard

Gitman Vintage Chambray

Mackintosh Parka

Beams+ DB jacket

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