In at least the next two seasons there are two must haves that will have to find there way into my closet. The Two Tone Brogues, and an amazing pair of Penny Loafers. I had a pair of these two tone Church’s in my hand when I was in Barcelona last spring, and man am I sorry that I didn’t get them. They’re sold out, everywhere! Maybe the good folks at Church’s can do a re-run for the Fall/Winter 2011.
The Penny Loafers have always been a must have, and I already have a couple of them. A burgundy and a black pair, but I’m in need of something more original… And here they are! These Mr. Bathing Ape loafers are off the hook. Simple, yet with an original touch, just perfect. You can find them at the Mr. Porter Web Storewhere else!

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