Finally Zara’s Luxury brand Uterquehas realized that we, the Men also have needs! lol …

They do a beautiful job on women’s clothing, accessories and bags, so it got me thinking … What if they did a line for Men. Well somehow they heard me and these Items just came out. They’re just some pairs of shoes, bags, and some ties and wallets, but they look really nice. If the quality/price ratio maintains the one they have in the women’s department the new pieces will have one of the best value for money in the market.
They don’t sell they in Portugal, but they already do in Spain. If you’re in the north of Portugal, as I am, the nearest store is in Galicia, in La Coruña. But I’m sure they’ll sell it pretty soon here too.
By the way, saturday’s Flea Market was a hit! The Martas booth was the hottest in the event and we had lots of fun! Well mostly the Martas had fun … we were just there for emotional suport … If you didn’t go, don’t worry, by the end of January there will be another one and they will probably be there..

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