Has the once great Gordon Gekko said: “Greed is good”, and as he says on the sequel to the 1987 Oliver Stone’s movie “Nowadays greed seems to be legal” a very opportune theme for a film in the times we’re living…
That’s right, the sequel to the monumental film, Wall Street, is here. The original homage to his father, the stockbroker, by Oliver Stone is to be followed by a new one in 2010 called – Wall Street Money Never Sleeps – staring Michael Douglas, Shia Lebouf and Carey Mulligan.
Click on the posts title to go to the movie’s website for the trailer and more info.
The bar is very high, the first one is an amazing movie experience. A great story, perfect acting (Michael Douglas won the Oscar for Best Actor), and impeccable 80′s looks.
Talking about looks, when a character in a movie names a shirt only by wearing it. That’s a pretty big thing.
I’m talking about the “Gekko Shirt”.
These shirts are the ones that Gordon Gekko wears throughout the film with white collars.
I’ve always liked these shirts, but specially now that the 80′s are so in, I’m loving them even more…
These are some great examples of Gekko shirts.
Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to click on the link to see the trailer.

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