Peeps, this was the event I was talking to you about last friday.
YOOBI is a Restaurant that will be opening soon in London. The owners are a very Good friends of mine and they decided to set up a photoshot staring there Logo right here in Oporto at our “Parque da Cidade” it was really good fun and I’m told the pro pics came out amazing… Mine are not so pro, but are also quite nice…
For more news on YOOBI go to there facebook fanpage an click “LIKE”…
I was told to bring an outfit that “popped” on the green setting, so I thought a color block would be perfect. And it was! lol…. The red pants with the navy cardigan really pop! They where using me to let other people know where we were!!:)
“Do you see the guy with the red pants? That’s us!!!!!”


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