This is a new section of Ramalhoni Blog. Every week I’ll be posting  links and small texts from other sites. Articles that interested me, and that I think will interest you too! I call it  - What’s on the Wire –  
It will be an easier way for you to get some of the coolest down low of what’s hip whiteout ever leaving 
Enjoy,  and here it is, the very first What’s on the Wire by ramalhoni. 

Wardrobe Reruns – by Disco Stu Doesn’t advertise  -

A lot of bloggers fill their content quota showing you their new purchases. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everybody likes new stuff. I wish I had some dough for FW purchases. The absence of said dough, though, forces me to do something more challenging than putting together looks with new gear—going back through my familiar closet and trying to fashion something new. … ” 

Beavis & Butt Head Ocupy the Internet  - by Highsnobiety

In an unprecedented move, Beavis & Butt-Head are currently occupying the Internet, having been spotted on Google, Facebook and Obama’s official site, amongst many other properties. VICE has also unveiled the cover of their November issue, which features the same duo of teenage delinquents (be sure to check out the VICE interview with Mike Judge featuring photos by Terry Richardson).”

Crocket & Jones Marston Loafer – by The Shoe Buff -

When you’re Crockett & Jones and you’ve been perfecting your craft for over 125 years, you can be trusted that you’re doing something right. Right? Their particular welting style gives their shoes an exceptional degree of strength, durability and comfort allowing for the best possible fit. Each pair of Marston loafers takes up to eight weeks to make in a process which involves over 200 highly skilled operations. Available at Peter Johnston in black calf or mink calf suede.”

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