The Perfect Shoe Repair Shop – Brass Tokyo – by A Continuos Lean

There’s a shoe repair place called Brass in Tokyo like no other I have ever been to. The guys from Red Wing Japan took me there last time I was in country. Often it’s those moments — like when I was first introduced to Brass in person — that make me realize the Japanese can still do ‘Americana’ better than Americans. I could easily see a place like Brass in Portland or Brooklyn or L.A., but I doubt it would have the customer base to actually survive. Maybe I’m wrong though.”

Michael Hainey and Brooke Cundiff home in NYC – by The Selby

The New Electric Delorian – by Fast Company Design

Photos Of The New Electric DeLorean: Back To The Future Of Cars
It’s no flux capacitor, but the power source for the newest DeLorean is futuristic: batteries. The original model may not have caught on outside of Marty McFly, but perhaps a new electric version will.”

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