Well, this week’s WOTW is about online shops. One of the greatest inventions ever!
It’s amazingly difficult to get some products regardless of the part of the world you are reading me from. If you’re in Asia it’s not easy to find European and American products, if you’re in Europe and you need an American product you had to go there, if you are in the US and want a bespoke British shirt you had to get your ass to London to get it.
All of this is over. With a little ingenuity, lot’s of hard work and some anxious hours waiting for the mail we can get every damn thing we want….
This is my roundup of the best online shops in existence.

(Brands, brands and more brands, beautifully curated, great articles, quality that you wouldn’t imagine, they even had a bespoke font made for the site, how cool is that!)
(Also lot’s of brands but a little different approach, not so well curated in my opinion, but don’t get re wrong, and absolute must see)
(The place to go if you need something fast, not to expensive, with great looks … Get’s the job done quite painlessly)
(Scandinavian Style at it’s best, a more personal take on Men’s Fashion from Margiela to Visvim, if you’re on a budget get prepared to start saving up because it’s worth it)
(AND… Saving the BEST for last. A physical store turned online. The place to be and to see all the beautiful things in the world. From my home town of Oporto, this store is doing things unique in the World. Premium pieces, first class service, and if they could only send the store’s smell to the online folks, you would get gallons of it, I guaranty it!)
I hope you enjoyed this little selection. I’m off for the weekend…
I’ll see you Guys on Monday with news, pics, and great style tips.
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PS: the place to get bespoke British shirts is BESPOKEN

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