On my recent travels to London I found the brand new Wolsey Store London. The first one of its kind and a perfect example of how a simple and elegant store with some industrial and rustic touches here and there, just works.

Wolsey in, as they say, and I’m not doubting it for a moment, “The oldest clothing label in the World” it was founded in 1755. A particular dark year for Portugal because of the big earthquake and tsunami in Lisbon, but a pretty good year for some folks in Leicester who were starting a business that ended up being a supplier for the Her Majesty.

As for the store it looks very good. Wood, brick, metal… it works. It’s next door to the new Rapha store and Woolrich, and a few steps away from Regent st.

How about the clothing? The knits are, as you might imagine, amazing. If they’re good enough for the Queen, they’re good enough for the rest of us mere mortals, the shirts also look very good, nice and soft fabrics, the oxfords caught my eye, but I ended up buying a knitted baseball jacket  in navy with brass buttons and a nice pair of chinos. The prices aren’t that high for this quality either. You can also buy it online here. But if you’re in London near Brewer Street, go check out the real deal.

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