Since last May, when I got my first pair of Yuketen boat shoes, I fell in love with this brand. They add a sense of cool to there products that very few other brands can match. Maybe it has something to do with the handmade, hand stitched, exquisite craftsmanship that they offer.
When you put a pair of there shoes on, you know that someone took the time and attention to do the best job and offer the best product. My blue boat shoes are nowadays a little bit up by the excessive use, but I love then even more his way.
So, on my Spring/Summer 2011 wish list there are two models that I have my eyes on. Probable I will only be able to get one of these… :( let’s see … ehehhe…. You can get them at the wonderfully curated Trés Bien Shop, one of the best high end online retailers. To shop the loafers you can go here, and the boat shoes here.
I good friend of mine recently pointed out that He has bought quite a few items that I posted on my Blog, and that the stores have no idea that they made that sale because of Me, so when you buy any item that I endorsed here be sure to let the store know that it was because of my recommendation… Thanx !!!!

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